Meet The BBD Team – Verity Lovelock

Verity Lovelock: Architect/Chief Spider Officer

Verity joined the BBD Team in 2010 and has seen through her final Part 3 qualifying exams with us. With a love of interior design, Verity approaches architecture from the inside out and is passionate about creating the perfect ‘home’ for each of our clients.

Verity holds the record for most time spent on the office soap box *insert passionate speech about relevant cause here* if you can tear her off it long enough and get her to go home and enjoy some free time you’ll find her immersed in either a Body Combat class, DIY or Den building (with her children… obviously…)

Architecture loves: Hassan Fathy and Samuel Mockbee

Favourite Music: according to Molly ‘that loud shouty stuff that’s rubbish’

Most likely to say: ‘Are you making a cup of tea?’

Hates: Anything Christmas before December… the 24th…


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