Will the new Permitted Development rules benefit you?

After much deliberation the government has finally released the ‘revised’ permitted development rules.   As part of a scheme to induce economic recovery they believe that allowing larger domestic extensions under permitted development, among other sector changes, will help boost the UK economy.   Let’s have a look at what the changes are and how they will affect domestic extensions:

The changes to Permitted Development come into force from 30 May 2013 and will remain in place for three years.   After this time it is assumed that these new rules will expire and the policies will revert to the original format, which can be found at this link.

The principle change for domestic extensions will be the length of permitted extensions.   The original policies allow detached houses to extend by 4m, subject to other policies, without the need for planning permission and all other dwelling types by 3m.   The new rules will now allow 8m for detached houses and 6m in all other cases.

One policy that seems to be unspoken, however, is the width of those extensions.   The original policy wording discusses extensions being less than half the width of the original house to be classified as permitted and it has to be assumed that the same principle will apply with the new rules.   That could make for one long thin extension on the back of your house.

Another key factor to be aware of with the new ruling is that these larger home extensions will be required to go through what is called a Neighbour Consultation Scheme.   This is in the form of a submission to the local authority where they will inform all neighbours of your proposal allowing them to object if they feel it is necessary.   The local authority will then decide whether any objections are reasonable, probably based upon current planning policy guidelines, and refuse the proposed scheme if deemed detrimental to neighbouring amenity.

It is important to fully understand the full guidance of permitted development before ploughing ahead with a new 6 or 8 metre extension as there are many other policies that may apply.   It does seem clear that this new ruling will only apply to single storey extensions, which does keep it reasonably simple.   Another consideration is that your extension will require building regulations consent irrespective of permitted development or planning approval.

So does this change in permitted development have the power to aid our slow recovering economy?   Time will tell, though one question might be; does making larger extensions possible under permitted development make them any more affordable?

If you would like more guidance or advice on an extension to your home please contact Bizzy Blue Design who are fully qualified to take you through any of the processes mentioned in this blog.

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